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///////Nordic Winner and Finish Winner 2005 were last big shows in end to year. Two big shows of Finland have passed before the Championship of the Europe 2006. Shows to look attentively at dogs-competitors to look round and understand, that us expects in the summer.

///////I would like to note a victory of the Russian dogs.

///////And also to inform, that on the Best in show Finish Winner VIII group FCI the Norwegian dog has won flat coated retriever on a nickname - Almanza Far and Flyg (Ow. Sanden Jonna (Oslo)). He later became BIS-II.

///////Once again it would be desirable to congratulate not only winners, but also it is simple participants!

///////And now look to results

On the 17th of December - FINISH WINNER 2005

On the 18th of December - NORDIC WINNER 2005


///////Good afternoon! Welcome to our web-site, first Russian Internet-magazine about retrievers "Retrievers of Russia".

My name is Yulia Novak. And I`m founder of first Russian Internet-magazine about retrievers "Retrievers of Russia". I live in Moscow (Russia) and I have got dogs - labrador retrievers LEGRAN & ELONKA DEZY.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting our pages.


///////Updating in section of colden`s puppies more info

///////Updating in section of labrador`s puppies more info

///////Kennel "Beselfolk" (Moscow, Russia) has got puppies of curly coated retrievers more info

///////ATTENTION! The first figure of telephone codes beginning on "0" has exchanged "4" now . Instead of "095" is "495" now .

///////Look results of rings of retrievers at the International Dog Show in Voronezh more info

///////Look results of rings of retrievers at the international show "The Pskov souvenir " more info

///////The editorial staff of magazine "Friend " prepares for release for the new project - a year-book "Dogs of Russia. Best of the Best - 2005" more info

///////Look the list of the judges declared at exhibitions of the European Winner 2006 (Finland) and the World World Dog Show (Poland) more info

///////The list of the experts declared for examination of the international shows "Eurasia-1" and "Eurasia-2"


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